I Was Really Motivated in 101 Degree Weather | #Proud

Generally, when there is heat, I don’t like to be outside during the summer unless it is early in the morning or later in the evening. The day I was so motivated happened to be on June 22 (I sure did jot it down), and it reminded me that all we need is a goal to accomplish things. I was getting ready to move so my motivation to clear out as much of the house I grew up in was important. I only moved an hour and thirty minutes away or so but that didn’t mean that my family wouldn’t have to deal with all of my stuff everywhere if I didn’t do it myself.

First off, the mass amount of clothes that I had in bags that I was selling on eBay for a year. Bringing all the bags up from my basement to the stairs was dreadful and then packing all of that into my small car was even worse. I did it though! I decided that if they all hadn’t sold by now that it was time to get rid of them. I thought of Plato’s Closet first but didn’t realize that they didn’t take everything, just the hip and fashionable items. All of my stuff was kind of old but there were some items that could be sold. I had about 14 bags of clothes and bags so it made sense that they didn’t go through each piece. I took all of the bags back and dropped it all off at Goodwill.

Once that was done, I got home and decided to build a cabinet that my mom and I purchased at Target for only $20! Originally the cabinet was $60. I ended up making the cabinet a little wonky but I had already warned my mother that if she didn’t want it to look less-than-perfect that she shouldn’t entrust it to me. Well, two nail holes and an uneven set of doors, the cabinet is in use. I will let you all know that I don’t do yard work or anything that deals with tools, not normally, and it is not something I enjoy. I enjoy DIY and things that are crafty but not the knitty gritty.

Last but not least that day is that I organized more for moving into my sister’s house, which I am in now, and that meant packing all my clothes, breakables, school books, computer, electronics, etc. I felt very accomplished for what I did and felt better too because the house was much cleaner after all my stuff wasn’t littering various parts of the house during partial moving.

What day have you felt so motivated that you got tons done?

-The Mermaid Network

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