How To Store Sample Foil Packets!

This month’s Crafty Mermaid is all about those pesky foil packets that we all get when we buy something and get for purchasing it. Foil packets are an inescapable thing that we have all gotten one time or another. Instead of messing around with that packet in the shower or elsewhere, here is a simple DIY to help you organize your packets and use them.

Foil packets are the worst thing when they offer more than one use in a packet. I mean, yes, that is nice but that is also troublesome when it just sits in open air for the longest time before your next shower. Not to mention that even with a bobby pin closing the hole that it can get everywhere. Foil packets are just a mess. But let me ask, what are you doing with those old containers that held product?

My solution is to use old containers and foil packets so that the product is easy to get to and you aren’t spending minutes getting every last drop of product.

All you need to do is open each packet, whatever it is, and squeeze it all out until it falls into the container. But what if I don’t remember what I put in? A super simple way to keep reusing the containers without having a ton of crossed out sharpie words.

See? Scotch tape is the best way! I cut a piece of scotch tape and then place it down, bending one end so that it is super easy to take off. The foil packets don’t offer more than 1-3 uses so it doesn’t make sense to permanently mark your container.

Let me know how this works for you! Send me pictures on any social media or even here!

-The Mermaid Network

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