Style Me – Caleb Rivers

Caleb Rivers[popsugar]

For all of my Fleeters who watch Pretty Little Liars, who doesn’t love Caleb? For anyone who doesn’t know who Caleb is, he is basically the best fictional boyfriend a girl could ask for. No, but really. I love that Caleb has a mystery to him even though we practically know all about him currently. #HalebForever
I love that Caleb always has accents of leather. Leather, visually, is seen as edgy or dangerous. Caleb does a bit of illegal work when you meet him and that just adds mystery. I also think that he has a soft side so just adding a cardigan signals warmth.
Graphic tees, or in this case, hoodies really add a statement. A lot of the time it can be a silly saying but band logos or something else can say a lot about a person. Caleb has worn a couple of graphic tees but generally sticks to solids. The leather jacket is to die for though!
The boots are what caught my eye and the white t-shirt. I think that a white t-shirt on any guy with a couple of accessories and a leather jacket adds to the appeal of the physical appearance.

Who is your favorite male on Pretty Little Liars.

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