How High School Should Be Helping You To Prepare For College

Let’s be honest, high school doesn’t prep you for college. AP classes aren’t any more help than a regular class because all the college-level classes feel like high school classes. I think that there are a few ways that high schools and colleges can really help each other out. I know that there are factors of budgeting, faculty/staff, student count, etc. but I think that these things would really help any high school student take the next step with a steady stride.

1. College tours. I never got to visit my first university as a potential student and that is rather unfortunate. Not to mention that some students can’t afford to visit a campus because of financial stability. I know that there are so many colleges that all high schools cannot help with but this is where students come in. What if students in their junior/senior year of high school send in a vote to take a tour of a campus? A campus speaks volumes about the environment that a student will experience every day for however long they attend. I think that there have to be guidelines but if the schools don’t want to give students that much of a choice, how about taking them to the local community college and a four year college?

2. A class about college. There should be an actual class about college. I remember that the guidance counselor office had a huge book on every school and a little bit about them. I think that a class about college would be immensely beneficial to help students plan ahead. The class could go over things like financial aid, programs, classes, degrees, work study opportunities etc. There are so many things that high school graduates are left to learn on their own when they don’t have the guidance in a classroom setting. How about going over what your GPA actually does to factor in a decision? Scholarship opportunities should also be in this class because then the students could get help with an essay, get it proof read, and then submitted for the best possible chance of earning the award.

3. Student-to-student communication. I always wanted to hear from another student about their experiences without interruption or pressure from professors or admissions to “sell” their school. I am not going to buy what you are selling unless I know you are being genuine. I think that it would be great for a college student to communicate with high school student on social media. I think that a Facebook page or news feed of some sort would be beneficial to help any students in your local area. Is there anything that you wish/want your high school to do to help you prep for college?

-The Mermaid Network

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