Style Me – Princess Bubblegum

[adventure time wiki]

Princess Bubblegum, from Adventure Time, is extremely bubbly, get it? I think that her character is so happy all of the time but she definitely has a sassy side to her that gives a lot of dimension to her and in comparison to Finn and Jake. Since the world that they live in is imaginary and not the real world, I thought, what if their world was the real world

I love that this gown is so big and poofy and has so many details. Sure, it isn’t like the actual character, but this helps evoke the bubbly personality that Princess Bubblegum has.

I did pick one modern outfit because this is something that I like to play with, a cross over between imagination and reality. I love that this dress has a lot of shape to it when in motion and the accessories are fit for a princess, am I right?

I wanted to keep the crown pretty traditional for the most part and would have just put in a replica of it from pinterest, but this had me drooling. I love the intricacies of this and the subtle crown action. The other replicas had the tip of the crown nearly a foot tall or more.

Who is your favorite from Adventure Time?

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