ShopaHAULic 37!!

I went back-to-school shopping and actually bought things that I will use. I didn’t realize that some of the items are duplicated until after I edited them. All items purchased from Target, Walmart, and Walgreens! I will have the exact amount, based on the receipt, otherwise I will note that I think that it is a certain price because it is the general range.

File Folders: $1.00 for a pack of 3 | Target
Dry Board Eraser: $1.99 | Target
Neon Dry Erase Markers: $1.19 (I think) | Target
Dual Ended Dry Erase Markers: $6.00 (I think) | Target

These file folders from Target are just too cute not to buy! I have been using them to hold important documents for orientation. I want to be prepared and not one of those people who are fumbling for said documents for ten minutes. Not to mention that these file folders were only $1.00 each for a pack of three!

St. Ives Pink Lemon Scrub: $3.99 (I think) | Target
Agenda: 5.97 (I think) | Walmart

Dry Erase Board: $12.99 | Target

Wet n Wild and Sinful Colors nail polishes for $0.99 | Walgreens
Stylus: $0.49 | Walgreens
Loreal Silky Sheer Face Lotion: $5.99 (It was half off!) | Walgreens

All clothing from Walmart:
Maxi Skirt: $5.00-7.00
Tank Top: $5.00
Sheer Black Tank: $1.00!!
The Little Mermaid Tank Top: $5.00

There is one Walmart in town that has so many items on clearance!

Omni Ruler Trio (4″, 6″, 12″): $7.00
Omni Ruler 6″ x 12″: $5.00
Omni Ruler 9.5″ x 9.5″: $7.00
Omni 3.5″ x 24″: $7.00
Sewing Pins (x2): $3.00 each
Mini Sewing Kit: $2.00
Seam Ripper: $2.00
Point Turner: $1.50
16 GB USB: $6.97
Applique Needles: $0.75
Jewelry Supplies $1.75-$3.00

-The Mermaid Network

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