The BEST Sweet Tea!

Pretty sure that this is a bold statement to say. For any of my Fleeters who hate sweet tea, I wish you grew up in the South, because you would most likely grow up drinking it. I LOVE sweet tea and I think that will more than likely be my giveaway when I go elsewhere and they look at me funny or try to give me iced tea and sugar packets. Also, when I say “Sweet Tea,” I mean “Sweet Tea”. So, here are my picks for sweet tea, there are two that have not failed me and if you know of any good ones, let me know in the comments because I have tried a lot of sweet teas but would love to try more! Also, before I get into a craze about each item below, you should know that I do take my health into consideration because too much sugar is bad for the body so I try to drink these in moderation. However, sometimes I do indulge in sweet tea for a couple of days straight.


Gold Peak Sweet Tea | This is the one that you can get in most grocery stores and they go on sale, so you can get a good deal on them. This is a constant sweet, probably because they have the amount of sugar down to a science, but it tastes so good and is nice and refreshing!

Gold Peak Sweet Tea[goldpeak]

Gold Peak Sweet Tea + Lemonade | The Arnold Palmer that has me so happy when I drink it! I love lemonade and when I was introduced to Arnold Palmer’s by my sister, I became hooked for life. I will also say now that Gold Peak has done no wrong because I am in love with their products. I like that this, in particular, really feels refreshing going down your throat and doesn’t make it scratchy. Lemonade can make my throat really itchy so when it is inside a mixed drink, I taste for how my throat feels after drinking a glass. For all of you who are not so big on heavy-handed tea, you can always try their diet version, though I don’t know what it tastes like. I don’t think that I would like it too much.

Cook Out Sweet Tea | Alright, I know, sweet tea is not the best drink for you but when I am feeling like I am about to melt, I just want some sweet tea in my system! I will say that the problem I have with Cook Out, at times, is that they are not sweet enough. You see, they have someone make it and, obviously, they aren’t going to have the same person make the sweet tea every time. So, sometimes they are my version of sweet tea and sometimes they are just sub par.

What are your thoughts on sweet tea?

-The Mermaid Network

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