Photos taken by my sister and myself unless otherwise noted! You can enlarge all the images to view them! Location: The Fillmore in Charlotte, NC | August 7, 2015

I will say that Christina Perri is honestly the coolest concert to go to! I cannot express enough how emotional and life changing watching her perform really was. Christina is on tour with Colbie Caillat right now but Ms. Caillat had another engagement (I think) and I was disappointed at first but it couldn’t have been better! I got to see two new duos that are hitting the music scene and they are Michael and Marisa and High Dive Heart. So, I shall start this by going in order of appearance!

[Michael and Marisa Facebook]


Michael and Marisa

They were the first duo up and their sound is really nice and fresh even if it does fit in with today’s pop. I really like their sound! I think that as an opening act that (maybe) not many people have heard of I was already bopping along to their music and enjoying each song they played. I really like “Doesn’t Bother Me”, “Little Voices”, and “Run Like Water” are my favorites so far and I am so excited to see what else they have in store. I do know that they are not new to the music scene by any means but they are new to me and I love it.

High Dive Heart

High Dive Heart consists of Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy who are the nicest and most humble couple in the music industry that I have ever had the chance to see and experience. I remember that Nelly mentioned multiple times how grateful her and Jason were about Christina Perri inviting them to tour. I feel like they have an Angus and Julia Stone vibe and are deep and meaningful and also really fun. They are heavily inspired by the 60’s both in music and style. Not to mention that they were so happy that my sister and I were, literally, the last ones waiting in line to meet them. My sister and I bought their EP and picture, they signed both! I can honestly say that I will make it a mission to see them every time they come to town. My favorite songs by them so far are “Wild Ride”, “Death of Me”, and “Vintage”.

Christina Perri

Tears. I cried throughout the whole concert and that isn’t an exaggeration. My sister found it silly but it was just so magical to see Christina Perri. My sister and I were standing in the front about four-ish rows back, if that, it was general admission. Christina Perri shared stories with us about how she experienced times when she wanted to give up but persevered and that we can all make it in the world. I will not forget when she sang “I Believe” and she had everyone chant “This is not the end of me, this is the beginning” and it inspired me so much. Songs that had me so teary-eyed I could barely see were “A Thousand Years”, “Human”, “Jar of Hearts”, and “Arms”. I feel renewed and will always think about her concert when I am having a rough time because I am going to need the support, even if Christina Perri never knows. I love that her piano had cool LED lights that went along with the beat of the music at the most climactic points. My sister wasn’t able to get any shots of the cool backdrop but if you can see the white curtain, there are lights behind it and it created a beautiful ambiance that complimented Christina’s songs.

This concert changed my life for the better and I would hope that there is an artist out there who changes you to the point of tears because that is so powerful. I feel like I have been with Christina on her journey from the demo that played on So You Think You Can Dance in 2010 to now where she is going on tour and living her dream.

Huge thanks to my sister for taking me to see Christina Perri on The Girls Night Out, Boys Can Come Too Tour! I loved every second even when my social anxious self didn’t like being surrounded by so many people.

-The Mermaid Network


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