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Well, today is the last day for Back-to-School. I hope that all of you have enjoyed this week’s posts! Let me know in the comments below. Now, if you are looking to dress like a rockstar on your first day, here are three different outfits to get your mind reeling with ideas on what to wear! Also, I followed the dress code of no visible tank tops and finger-tip length.
Effortless might be a great way to go on your first day. This outfit is laid back but can be amped up with a little bit of jewelry or different shoes. I love that this outfit is still bordering relaxing-at-home and I-am-here-now-what? Not to mention that a flannel or light jacket will be great for those classrooms that are way too cold.
Can this get any easier? Literally, any dress makes you look ready to take on the day. I love that this outfit is looks comfortable.
Feeling a little edgier? This outfit really stands out because it is both girly and edgy with all the attitude in the world. I have similar items to this so I will probably try this out. I just love everything about this outfit!

Send me pics of your back-to-school outfits! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest.

-The Mermaid Network

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