Back-to-School | Easy Breakfast | Little Bites, Fruit, Cereal + More!


I don’t like breakfast. Is that okay to say? Well, if it isn’t, I am sorry but breakfast is not appealing to me for any reason. I know that people say that it is the “most important meal of the day” and I am still not into it, folks. So, I have found a couple of food items that I really enjoy to eat in the morning if I need to.


Little Bites Mini Muffins | Stop the presses because this is my favorite thing to eat! I love these muffins and how they come in a variety of flavors for you to choose from! My favorite is the variety pack of chocolate chip, blueberry, and fudge. I prefer the chocolate chip flavor out of them all because it is not too much chocolate but gives me that fix that I need. Not to sound like a drug addict…anyway, they are so good and there are four so that is enough to give you a pep in your step in the morning. I find that this also helps me with portion control, which I am awful at, to just eat one pack a day. I also find that the fudge brownie pack is great for eating as a snack with milk! Yum!


Cereal…in yogurt parfait form! | I did a post similar to what I am talking about [POST THE POST HERE]. I find that having yogurt is easier and less messy than milk and keeping it all in a container is great because you don’t have to deal with a bowl or throw away container. You can keep a mason jar or small container in your lunch box. Adding various fruits is the fun part because then it changes up the flavor and a nice crunch is good to with some nuts. All the options are available to you!


Fruit Salad | Okay, this one might a little more acidic in the morning depending on what fruits you are putting in but having a glass of water or yogurt by your side should help ease the strength of acidity. I actually just like to eat strawberries and bananas but I know everyone is different. You can also eat bananas and peanut butter (as long as no one near you has a horrendous reaction to being around it).

What breakfast items do you eat in the morning? Let me know down below!

-The Mermaid Network

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