Back-to-School | Beauty Survival Kit


Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I really dislike it when I have to panic over something that I wouldn’t have if I had a plethora of it with me at all times. So, I am going back to my high school roots and telling you what I found helpful to have in a survival kit. Mind you, I am only 22 so I was in high school only 4 years ago. I got you! My survival kit included:

-Bobby pins
-Hair ties
-Hand sanitizer
The great thing about all of these, aside from bobby pins and the hair ties, is that you can buy travel size version and stick them in a slim makeup bag! I can promise you can all of these items have saved me one time or the other when I needed it most! There are items in here that some of you may not use like pads, just change it out with tampons, or whatever you use during your period. You can also just have your hand sanitizer hang off of your backpack for easier access. Just remember that your survival kit should be about what you need the most and what is hardly around when you need it. Don’t forget that if you do need any of these products, the nurses office may have most of these, if not all of them. Honestly, it doesn’t hurt to ask and it isn’t embarrassing, as much as you think it might be. Chances are that the person you ask has been in your situation.

What is in your beauty survival kit?

-The Mermaid Network

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