Back-to-School | 5 Ways to Avoid Being Late For Work or School


Who really enjoys waking up before the sun shines? Very few people. Sometimes I am that person but most days I am the one hiding under my blanket for another ten minutes of sleep. So, I have come up with some ways that I have found have helped me even when I only have thirty minutes or less to get out the door. All of these also apply for those of you who are in need of getting to work on time.

1. Pack your backpack the night before. There is nothing more that gets me off my game than having all of my school supplies and papers everywhere. So, I will take an extra ten to fifteen minutes at night to pack everything and double check that I have all that I need for the following day. I usually leave my backpack in the same spot, too. Always having a place that is constant for you in the morning will have your body’s muscles memorizing it soon enough. Not to mention that it really helps to have everything organized!

2. Do your hair in the car. No, I do not mean while you drive! Safety first. I am saying that you drive to work and can do your hair in the car once you get to the parking lot or go to the bathroom to get your hair done. If you are not someone who likes to do that you can always put your hair in a side braid and be done. Otherwise, always have a couple bobby pins and hair ties on you so that you can easily change up your look.

3. Plan your clothes the night before. Clothes shouldn’t be something that takes a lot of thought but if you are walking out as a fashion victim, that may be a problem when you get to work or school. Of course, wear what you please, but planning your clothes the night before can take the stress out of planning an outfit. You can put all the items you want to wear on and practically head out the door.

4. Lunch plan! If you are someone who always packs a lunch, get it done the night before or make a plan of what you are going to make in the morning. You can easily make a sandwich in less than ten minutes if you know exactly what you are putting in. If you have leftovers, you can leave them out overnight in a container so that it isn’t a cold block by the time you get to work or school.

5. Sleep on time. Ah, the thing that most of us find hard to do. I think that sleeping on time, as in 10 PM, is a reasonable time. However, my schedule actually doesn’t permit that when I am at school because I will be on campus for most than twelve hours sometimes. So, I plan to sleep at 10 PM most nights and probably set an alarm on my phone that will alert me at 9 PM. I am hoping to get anything for school done by 9 PM and then have an hour to myself. It might be that I have only thirty minutes but it is something that I need, “me time”. I found that when I slept on time at my other college that it helped me get ready for the day, better than when I slept at 1 AM.

What do you think?

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