Reach Out and Take the High Road

Well, y’all are getting a load from me and that is because I am just thinking a lot about closing relationships that had problems or issues and keeping up with the people who I was closest to at my previous university. I can honestly say that I am keeping up with maybe 10 or less of my university friends since I left and it has been good. I have learned to keep track of who is good and who is bad in my life and make sure that they don’t cause me internal discomfort (that sounds weird doesn’t it?). I texted my professor, the one I was talking about in this post HERE. I thought for a moment, “Should I text her?” and I think that there was a moment of relief by hitting the “send” button.

There is so much more to everyone’s future if we just take the high road. I know that it can be really easy to just be snarky or make someone feel down but it doesn’t help anyone. I have learned, being on both ends, that it does nothing for me and it only makes me realize how much farther I need to keep going as a person. Time does heal and it is so hard to find a shred of hope when things are bringing you down. It has been over two years and I have finally reached a point where I am okay and I hope that my professor is okay and that we can move forward, really move forward. She has yet to respond, and that is okay because I have finally let it go and it feels great. I feel great and calm and looking forward to the new chapters in my life.

What do you think?

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