Style Me – Belle

Belle was never someone I looked at or thought of as a princess I wanted to be. But, after years of hating books and then falling in love with books, Belle became someone I looked at with new and renewed eyes. I think that it is amazing that a young woman know what she want and not fall in love with the wrong guy because he is popular and full of himself. I also think that Belle has great morals when it comes to protecting her father and even the beast. So, what would a modern day Belle look like? Let’s get to it! Also, I have linked the Pinterest links to the image, so you can just click the image and head over to Pinterest that way!

Inexpensive dress from Wal-Mart dressed up with new brass buttons. The new buttons take it to the next level.

I am in love with this half button down dress that has a tie in the front, or you can put it in the back. I really think that this is the modern day version of what Belle would wear because it is conservative without being literal because who really wears an apron out and about? If you do, no judgment!

Quick ways to do your hair, when you don't feel like styling(for me that's always)

Belle’s hair is definitely a classic, she has a really nice and chic, pulled back hairstyle. I think that almost anyone with longer hair can do this without fail and look put together.

Our editor at large, Derek Blasberg, selects the chicest looks of the week.      jaglady

Of course, I could not leave out the gown! I was thinking about going literal but at the same time I don’t like to be too literal other than color. However, when I scanned Pinterest and found this, I fell hard. This gown has embellishments that I could only dream of wearing and the gloves make this modern gown spin into a classic look. The hairstyle is beautiful and really shows off the neckline.

So, what do you love most about Belle?

-The Mermaid Network

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