|*| Monthly Update |*| July 2015 |*| Bloglovin’ + Product Wishlist + MORE

TMN-MonthlyUpdates Hi Fleeters! It has definitely been a hot minute since my last update and I sure do have a lot of new Fleeters to introduce below and things that are different on The Mermaid Network! TMN-General TiffanytheShopaholic has a wishlist in the drop down menu! The section is called Product Wishlist. I made the page live in mid-July so some of you may have stumbled across it. I decided to make this because it will help me keep track of what I am finding on the internet or in person. It also lets you know what I am looking at and you have the option to give me suggestions in the comments too! Bloglovin’ is something I didn’t quite understand for the longest time but I finally got one and have already got some bloggers following me! HERE is the link if you want to follow me there too! TMN-Social I am on SnapChat! Follow me: mermaidnetwork to get the latest on my life if you want. I am trying to be better about it. I have been tweeting more about random things in my life and finding some cool things that I am retweeting as well! TMN-Welcome Since I have missed a couple of Monthly Updates, here are all the Fleeters that have joined us! I want to start doing something that really helps promote all my Fleeters and, if you read the bold print, you will understand. ATTN: If you are listed below and would like me to put a link to your blog/tumblr/twitter/bloglovin, send me an email through the “Contact” tab and title the subject “FLEETER MONTHLY UPDATE”. I would put the links for everyone in but some usenames are not the same or they have changed.


sarmichell3 | alchemist | Edge of Humanity Magazine | ipsyvsbirchbox | Gabi | Italian Home Kitchen Blog | Maitri | sarahheartsbeauty | Michelle Kim | Direct Interiors | thatdisneyone | jordanrosemarie | lilliebd | tobinam | ideenbarimani | Grateful Geek | arlene | nevertooexperienced | belindacrane | theaudiojournalist

|| TUMBLR ||

wedgeswedgeswedges | true-bloodfanatic | choicejewellry | freshfitfoods | ultimateigguide


@Capital_Choice | @Napwell | @Stinger_Tail | @BoundlessUrself | @whatlauraloves | @sammyig | @NightlifeNovels | @Andrevv_UN


Cheryl C | Gemma | Weronika Dali | Olly | Arianna | Rosie Ladkin | Milica13 | Jaya | Lauren | Lexi | Bloglover | Millie Rose | Sally Creedon | Sophia + CinziaTMN-ComingSoon Back-to-School is coming around and Princess Bubblegum? Not to mention that Caleb from Pretty Little Liars will get a spotlight for a moment. Also, let’s talk about getting criticism, the food kind, because sometimes it is hard to swallow. -The Mermaid Network

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