I Only Hope For the Best For Her | Resolution + Closure

So, some of you may have been around since that time I got so mad about one of my professors blowing a situation way out of proportion. In my personal opinion it was a situation that would have been best dealt with privately. Anyway, I just learned that this professor of mine would be leaving the university that I had attended. I don’t know why but I feel kind of guilty with the way things were left. I feel guilty for resenting her when she had done so much for me before and how much support she always gave me when it came to most things.

However, I can’t think like that. When I left the university it was a personal decision and, sure, it was awkward between us but it wasn’t bad. I feel that as I have been farther away from the university that things have become less important. All of the things that I held against people don’t make sense now because they are no longer relevant. The only reason things/memories/confrontations are relevant is because our minds are bringing the past back into the present. You know what people have said in the past: You forgive, but you can’t forget, something along those lines. I have forgiven my professor for what she said but I haven’t forgotten. I haven’t forgotten how she made me feel but I also won’t forget how many good memories I had with her. I know that she will be much happier being able to do more of what she loves. I messaged my sister and I told her about what happened and she said something quite wise that had me wishing nothing but the best for my professor who had taught me so much. Everyone deserves to enjoy what they do.

Overall, I just wish that my professor is happy in the future and I wish nothing but the best.

-The Mermaid Network

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