Unwanted Anxiety is Taking Over

I have a major problem with anxiety and stress and today it is kind of high. I got two emails from my new university that is giving me major anxiety. I don’t start school until late August but I have to do orientation in mid-August and I am not prepared. I can adapt, I know can, but I don’t like the stress that comes along with a new location. I am trying to just enjoy having time to myself while I still have it. I already know that my schedule is crazy packed because of a required class that I have to take every semester that has crazy hours.

So, flash forward to the next day and I am not feeling “safe” in my Mermaid Cove because I felt like anxiety is everywhere. So, I took it to pen and skin and wrote something that immediately calms me down.

It is so important to me to hold onto something that can really calm me down and keep me sane. Anxiety is not a joke. Also, I know that this post was kind of here-and-there because I just needed to jot down some feelings.

-The Mermaid Network

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