Review: Almay Nearly Naked Foundation

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and this foundation has to be my new favorite when it comes to getting an everyday finish. I love that this foundation doesn’t make me look too matte or shiny and that it lasts all day.

Packaging: Okay, even though this is made of glass, it is really sturdy! I have dropped this on my counter, on the floor, and it withstands the biggest falls. I like that it has a secure snap lock on it so when you twist it close, it won’t come off. The rectangular shape of this foundation is great to grip onto if you have slippery hands.

Durability: I love that this stays on my face and doesn’t feel like foundation. I will say that after 6-8+ hours, depending on weather, that you will feel the foundation but it works really well through all of that. I have a really dry T-zone so as long as I prep that area to moisturize it as much as possible, this actually doesn’t show too much of that dry skin. Sometimes it can’t be helped that my T-zone flakes, but when my skin is tame, this foundation helps cover it up.

Pigmentation: This is a medium coverage foundation, it will cover up most faded acne scars and reduce pigmented scars. I have to say that out of all the foundations that the shade I have, Naked 160, matches my skin so well and transitions through summer and winter without looking too light or dark.

Budget: Unfortunately it seems that this item is no longer for sale in drugstores but you can purchase it on places like Amazon or eBay, ranging from $6.00+.

I am always up for new foundations to try, what do you use?

-The Mermaid Network

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