ShopaHAULic 35!! | Sephora Clearance

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I could not pass up $4.99 clearance at Sephora! I love to shop at the JCPenney Sephora’s because they are more than likely to have a small clearance section that I just live for! I found a couple of items that were unique and different from anything else that I have in my makeup collection.

A marsala colored mascara? I knew I had to buy this! I think that the Sephora + Pantone Universe collaboration for color of the year has been a great combo! I don’t know if this mascara has gotten dry or has a drier formula but it wasn’t as wet as most mascaras I am used to. We shall see…

This marsala eyeliner is also in the collection collaboration of Sephora + Pantone Universe. I love the packaging on both items because it makes them look more expensive and classy.

This is Sephora’s bronzer in Maldives. This bronzer has shimmer which is different than my other bronzers which are matte. I am excited to try this out during the summer months for a nice shimmer!

Lastly, the Sephora Luminous Foundation Primer which is pretty big for a primer. I am excited to try this out because it has a slight iridescent sheen to it.

That is it for today! I hope you enjoyed this surprise post.

-The Mermaid Network

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