Style Me – Sailor Pluto


Let’s be honest, who didn’t want Sailor Pluto’s hair? #hairgoals I love that she was a no nonsense character and moved the story along really fast. I also love that she had awesome colored lips while everyone else didn’t. Even back then I was obsessed with long hair and colored lips. I think that, based on how she was dressed as regular citizen that Sailor Pluto was the oldest. I also think that Sailor Pluto, being the time keeper, was wise beyond even how old she was which makes me think that she is more refined. I chose more sophisticated looks for her but I think that they are still feminine.

I love this skirt so much! The bow detail just does it for me because a pencil skirt is always seen as professional but adding a feminine touch, such as a bow, really pulls it all together.

Remember that business appropriate ensemble that Sailor Pluto wore in the original Sailor Moon series? Well, here is a modern version, to me, that shows that you don’t need to wear a suit to have it all together.

The thing I love about this whole look is that all you see is nude and then when the coat is removed- BAM, you get a pop of color that you were either expecting or not.

-The Mermaid Network

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