Sleeping Mask Collection

I have accumulated a good amount of sleeping masks in the past six months and that is because I have become obsessed with getting as much sleep as possible. I am a person who, honestly, could lie on my bed for thirty minutes or more without sleep. I have gotten an app that plays ocean waves every night and that has worked for a little over a year since I downloaded it. I love it but sometimes it is the light that distracts me. Since I still share a room with my sister I can be distracted by the light on her phone or outside my room.

So, to keep that light away from me, I have bought a couple of sleeping eye masks and I can tell you which ones are worth your money and which ones are not that great. If you read my recent post To Have a Sleeping Mask or Not to?, then you know the struggles sometimes but that is because I am a crazy sleeper and by crazy I mean kung fu and everything falls to the floor constantly.

Also, I know that they say that you shouldn’t wash your eye masks but I don’t want to risk an eye infection even if these are only touching my eyes so I wash them every week or two.

So, in order of “appearance” to my life, here we go:

White Hello Kitty | $3.99 | Target

The actual dot of the bow is gone and it was just glued on. I like this one because it is thin and doesn’t have any scratchy tags. I don’t like that my face gets hot every now and again. The elastic can dig into the tops of my ears sometimes but it isn’t too bad when I place the elastic over my ears. I can still tell if the light is on when I open my eyes in the mask.

Pink Hello Kitty | $?.?? | Target

My mom and sister bought this for me and it is almost the same but is not as good. I don’t like that even though I cut out the tags on the inside that it still scratches my temples. The elastic is the same as the above Hello Kitty and the bow is plastic but it doesn’t inhibit my sleep. I can’t tell if the light is on with this mask on.

Body Benefits Eye Mask | $4.99? | Ulta

I can’t remember the exact price but it was on sale when I purchased this. I don’t like it. There is a “speed bump” that is supposed to rest atop your nose and I feel like it is crushing my airways some nights. I do like that it is comfy, as in soft, but it is hard to love something that wants you to suffocate. You can’t see light when you have this on and you can open your eyes inside it with the speed bump helping you. However, this has an elastic velcro band that can help you get the perfect fit.

Body Benefits | $1.99 | Ulta

These were on sale for $1.99, they were on clearance and I could not pass them up. I bought one a while back and then the second one a month or two after. I think this is one of my favorites because it has two elastics which will help it stay on your head. The small turquoise flap is meant to rest atop your nose. I feel that this gets hot sometimes but for the most part stays cool.

Hello Kitty | $?.?? | Ulta

My favorite, by far, this is awesome with an adjustable velcro band and it has two hill likes lumps that make it easy for you to keep your eyes open if you want to in the darkness. You cannot see the light unless you are counting the space between your nose and the nose indentation. I don’t like the indentation to be too close to my nose which is the reason why I can see the light.

Do I sleep better with one eye mask over the other? I don’t think so but it would be cool if I could.

What are you feelings towards eye masks? Yes or no?

-The Mermaid Network

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