Style Me – Peacock

Of course, we know of the male peacock being the most obnoxious since they have the looks and females don’t. How narcissistic. Okay, they can’t help it but it would make me envious as a female to see how beautiful their feathers are. Anyway, I decided to do three each respectively since female peacocks don’t get enough love.

This image to me is absolutely stunning. I love that a man with makeup makes him look both masculine and feminine and he definitely stands out like most males.
Less flamboyant but still has striking colors that mix well together with their pastel hues and still makes a statement because, let’s be honest, how many men have you seen wear this kind of ensemble?
Mainly picked this for the cool transitional tie, yellow and purple, which doesn’t look like a yucky colored brown when they generally do mix together.


The female, although not as bright is still just as elegant.
Sticking to a monochromatic theme I chose this dress because it still beautiful enough to attract all the peacock males.
Conceptual art but still really cool and if done in real life would look amazing.
The most peacock-like dress that has amazing detail and structure to it.

What is your take on a peacock?

-The Mermaid Network

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