Cleaning Beauty Items | How To And How Often

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and you might not think to wash some of these items often or at all but it is actually really important because it can change everything. I just wanted to share with you the changes I have made to my routine when it comes to cleaning items I use to get myself ready.

Hairbrush: Yup. Your hairbrush might have oils built up in it right now. Also, hair is probably stuck, along with any lint from your bed. By running your brush through hot water for a couple of seconds and then removing the residual hair and anything else that got stuck will help remove oils. You can also rub soap through it and then run it under hot water again so that you get a squeaky clean brush. I usually do this twice a month so that the oils and all the build up won’t get into my clean hair. Also, if you use product in your hair, it may be wise to have a separate brush.

Makeup Brushes: Possibly the best way to make sure that you don’t have dirty makeup brushes is to have a makeup wipe and brush cleaner out and ready so that when you finish each part of your makeup, you can clean it and put it away to dry.

Hair Ties: I think that a lot of people forget how important this is to clean as well. Hair ties are in your hair for better or worse when you have clean hair or oily hair. Rinse them under warm water and soap in your hands for a couple of seconds and leave them to dry.

Jewelry: Jewelry collects a lot of sweat, especially during the summer months, so taking a damp cloth and wiping your pieces down after a long day can help prevent things like acne on your chest or near your jaw line where an earring may brush against.

-The Mermaid Network


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