Style Me – Glinda the Good Witch

Don’t get mad…I have never seen The Wizard of Oz  but I think that kind of helps me stay objective when it comes to the pieces I chose for Glinda. There is the classic version of Glinda, pictured above and the modern version. I just chose to base my choices off of the original.
This is a really simple dress but it has a shape that is familiar with Glinda’s gown. I love that there some cool detailing in the top half while the skirt is plain and simple.
An unconventional crown that is different and airy even though it is so large. I love this piece and I feel that this also represents Glinda’s personality.
This dress is exactly what I was hunting for when it came to rainbows and being subtle. If you look on Pinterest for “rainbow” it can be a bit gaudy but this is a perfect touch. I just imagine this dress glowing ever so slightly when Glinda is using magic.

What do you think about my choices for Glinda?

-The Mermaid Network

What do you think?

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