Let’s Review…The Originals


The Originals follows the Michaelsons, made of three of the original vampires ever. Elijah Michaelson, the strong brother who is always rational and will calm his brother, Niklaus down. Niklaus Michaelson, a hybrid of vampire and werewolf, is a troublemaker but also someone who wants to get his “territory” back from his disciple, Marcel whom he hasn’t seen in over 100 years (if I am not mistaken). Marcel is adamant to make sure that Niklaus stays out of his business but is infatuated with Rebekah Michaelson, his old flame. Rebekah Michaelson is often siding with Elijah when it comes to prevent Niklaus from being reckless, she is also the most humane vampire of the three. Hayley is a lone wolf who is pregnant with Niklaus’s child.

I know that was a huge smack of character descriptions, but I hope that it helps. I know that most people are over the vampire phase ever since Twilight hit the screen but this is different. I don’t watch The Vampire Diaries for personal reasons and also I was bored with the story. I became interested in this show because the actresses who play Rebekah and Hayley were from H2O: Just Add Water, an Australian show about mermaids. I have to say that this show is so much more than the long battle between vampires and werewolves because it involves witches and humans. There are humans in this show who know about the supernatural but do all they can to keep the peace. Also, I have never seen a show go into such depth about vampire, witch, and werewolf lore that is fresh and different.

I love that this show really goes into the characters and helps you sympathize with every character in some way. Although I care not for Finn Michaelson, someone who you will see appear in the future if you have not yet started. There are twists and turns and I think that is why I still follow the show. Although if you have watched as much television as I have you will see so many faces from other shows that you keep wanting more. I think that there is a lot of conflict and that the great thing about the writers is that they don’t give you what you want when you ask for it and convince you why through the actions of each character, grudgingly making you accept it.

Do you watch The Originals? Who is your favorite character?

-The Mermaid Network

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