Style Me – Twilight Sparkle


Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony is smart and makes friendship her goal to keep the peace in Equestria. I love that Twilight is a character that still holds true to who she is even when others think otherwise. I know that My Little Pony can be seen as a children’s show but watching it as a 22 year old, it reminds me of practices/ideals/ to keep in check.
I actually want to wear this for myself because it is so beautiful! Twilight’s cutie mark is a large star surrounded by smaller ones and she has a telescope in her house. I find that astronomy is full of knowledge and wonder.
Preppy but still youthful since I don’t know Twilight’s exact age. I like that this is still professional since she is a student of Princess Celestia.

I am linking two of the same dress since one has the hue that I think would be better suited. The second one shows off the beautiful dark blue hue that reminds me of the night sky. On the red carpet, Olivia Wilde wears the gown beautifully and even has bangs like Twilight! I love that this isn’t too much like a prom dress but not unlike something Twilight would wear to a royal event.

Who is your favorite pony?

-The Mermaid Network

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