Recipe: Pomegranate Peach Green Tea

Who doesn’t love fresh fruit in their tea? I love that fresh fruit really adds immediate zing that dried fruit can lack at times. So, since I became obsessed with Pomegranates, and still am, I thought that it would be awesome to share with you how I made this tea!

1. Open your pomegranate and remove all the seeds, placing them into a container.

2. Place a layer of pomegranates, the more you put, the more flavor you get.

3. Add your tea bags of choices, mine are green tea and peach tea. [x2 green tea and x1 peach tea]

4. Add hot water, sugar, and enjoy! I like to drink all of the tea and let my pomegranates cool down, if I drink the hot tea fast, and eat them for a snack later! Yum!

What kind of fruit do you like in your tea?

-The Mermaid Network

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