| Trends Recycle | What to Keep and What to Donate |

As my professor once said to my class, “There is nothing new in fashion”. It is true because I never thought that I would see chokers again but they have been seen every now and then. Some people dislike high-waisted jeans but I prefer them. Almost everything in fashion has recycled to come back in a span of twenty years or less. So, what should you do with a piece that you honestly don’t love at this moment? You can either store it or donate it. Here are a couple of tips to find out what you should keep in your closet and what you should think about donating.

Ask yourself, “Do I wear this anymore?” If you cannot remember the last time that you wore an item, chances are that you should probably donate it. There are some things in my close that I have had since I was in 8th grade and I am 22 now, so that is a span of 9 years. Some of it I can get away with wearing but others are just so old or something I have grown out of love with.

Ignore the people who say you are throwing away your money. As long as you are always shopping on a budget, you should not feel guilty. I take donating clothes this way, you are donating to those you have a hard time affording even clearance clothing or you are giving someone else the opportunity to buy something that they really wanted.

Do the hanger trick. Flip all of your hangers and wear what you want but anything that hasn’t been worn and is still in your closet, you should really think about donating. There are 365 days in a year and it is hardly possible that you should have something still on the opposite side, but if you do plan on donating it.

You could sell if you have the time. Literally, I know that there are some things that you know could earn you money and eBay is a great way to sell. However, I have clothes and I plan to donate what doesn’t sell because clothes is the hardest to sell unless it is name brand.

Wear what you want. You don’t need to follow trends by any means. You should really just follow what you want because that is how you will find your own style. People may look at you oddly but let them because as long as you feel comfortable, that is all that matters.

-The Mermaid Network

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