Style Me – Tiana

[disney wiki]

I love that Tiana is a hard working girl like the most of us and she is just trying to fulfill her dreams. I also love the music and love story, though kind of been-there-done-that, and vibe. Not to mention that the roaring twenties were some rebellious years for citizens.
Tiana wears color but in muted tones so I thought that this would be really nice and still colorful.
Although Tiana definitely looks great in color, this is an outfit that I think she would just wear on her day off because it really is comfortable. Even though it doesn’t get cold too much down south it may be a bit much but this past winter was crazy with so many weather changes.
I thought that this was an inspired gown but it has no mention and it is about wedding dresses. Anyway, this is beautiful and is almost like a real life version of Tiana’s dress.

What is your favorite moment from The Princess and the Frog?

-The Mermaid Network

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