Dandruff Scratching Once a Week | Flaking Like Crazy


Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I wanted to bring up the fact that dandruff is something that you won’t lose but you can maintain. I am struggling with keeping flakes away because it really inhibits me on what I wear that day. If my dandruff is coming down like a snow storm…well, I won’t wear black because I will have to shake my shoulders off often. So, I decided that I would do a once a week routine that has made my scalp a little more sensitive but helps me maintain my dandruff better.

I generally massage my scalp when applying shampoo but that can simply not be enough so I gently use my nails to remove built up skin. By using my nails I get rid of that dandruff and it can leave my scalp feeling sensitive and red in places. I know, I know, that isn’t healthy but it is something that really starts your scalp from ground zero so that when another layer of skin builds, it will be even rather than bumpy. Dandruff can build up and also cause your hair to get oily faster, at least for me, and that can be problematic. So, I am concentrating on areas that dandruff is high to remove those layers to dandruff so that my scalp can slowly rebuild to becoming a healthy scalp. I also let the shampoo on my head sit while I wash my body so that it can really sink in and work its magic.

Dandruff is super tricky because I haven’t had an outburst like this since I was in middle school. I think that this also tells me to change my shampoo because when I do, it helps a ton and keeps the dandruff at bay. I am actually not sure what in different shampoos does that to my hair. I just know that when I do change shampoos, it really kills any kind of dandruff for a little until it comes back in full force.

What shampoo do you use to help rid yourself of dandruff?

-The Mermaid Network


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