Inspired by The Kitchy Kitchen

Well for those of you who don’t know this about me, I have started to really fall in love with blogs and there are a certain few that really inspire me. Right now, The Kitchy Kitchen by Claire Thomas is one of those blogs that has everything and anything that someone would like to see whether it be food or fashion. I love that she has amazing recipes and posts often. I found out about The Kitchy Kitchen while watching Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube. What I love about Claire is that she is so easy going but assertive because she doesn’t send her viewers unnecessary information. I like that with almost every sentence, I know I am learning something new. Not to mention that her videos aren’t crazy long so you won’t be stuck to your computer for ages, you can simply spend ten minutes a day and watch up to three videos, no problem!

Here is a refreshing drink for all of you to try this summer since it is pretty simple and can really liven up and add a healthy touch to your daily dose of drinks.

I am constantly inspired by people like Claire because it gives me something to aspire to be close to. I don’t have the best kitchen set up because I am at home but I do my best. I try to make things interesting but I know that my tastes are not the same as others.

Who do you find interesting in the food industry?

-The Mermaid Network

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