Review: Yes to Cucumber Makeup Wipes

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I thought that I would go out to buy new makeup wipes since the ones I normally use are from Walmart in a bulk. There was a hype around this product when it first came out and I definitely wanted to try it when Ingrid, my favorite YouTuber, decided to partner up with the company and FIDM students to come up with a design for new packaging to be released in the fall of 2014. I can definitely tell the difference but I don’t know if I would repurchase, keep reading to find out why! How I take my makeup off with wipes: 1. Wipe the face to get most off. 2. Wipe the eyes. 3. Wipe the face once more in case any foundation lingers.

Packaging: I love that this is compact and that it has a closure for you to keep the wipes moist. The packaging itself, I like that it is durable so travelling can help you feel reassured so that it won’t break mid-flight. However, I don’t like the closure as much as I would like and the wipes didn’t come out easy. I would close the packaging but it would open again or be loosely held together. The wipes also struggled to come out one at a time, sometimes I got two to three at a time and that made it inconvenient.

Durability: I would say that it is okay. I generally use two to three wipes to wipe my makeup off, read the introduction for a refresh of how. The consistency of the wipes are durable but I felt I had to drag my face a little more to get the makeup off of my face. I guess I should start calling them towelettes because that is an accurate description of how they feel too.

Pigmentation: The towelettes are nice and white (sorry I don’t have any pictures of a towelette, I had just finished this package!). The smell is of cucumber and baby powder, somewhere in between the two because it is a scent you may have to get used to. I adjusted and I don’t mind the smell too much.

Budget: $5.99 based on their website for 30 wipes.

Overall, I love what Yes to stands for and how they take care in their products with natural methods, for the most part. I am definitely going to try something else in their wide range of products eventually. I am obsessed with their grapefruit lip balm so I am sure I will find something eventually.

-The Mermaid Network

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