Food Failure | What You Learn

We have all been there, every single one of us, you know? We cook something that we are so excited to try and then it just doesn’t work out because of various reasons. Don’t feel down though because you just pick yourself back up so you can learn from it. I tried to bake. Let that sink in. I don’t like to bake but I was feeling strong and wanted to try something new. I tried to bake mac and cheese and you would think that nothing would go wrong…right? Yeah, not so much. I ended up having crunchy, almost cooked macaroni pasta with cheese that kind of bunched together even though I mixed it prior to putting it in the pan. Let’s just say that my partially lactose intolerant self did not appreciate that about an hour or two later. My brother seemed fine but he must have a stronger appreciation for dairy.

So, what I learned from my cooking failure is that baking is still not my thing. I am going to try again and I really want to try and make cheesecake brownies!! What recipes do you think would be really easy for a baking newbie like me? Leave a comment down below!

-The Mermaid Network

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