Let’s Review… Eye Candy


Eye Candy is an MTV original series based off of a book by R.L. Stine. The show begins with Lindy, a hacker, taking care of her sister, Sara, like any good older sister would. Sara goes missing and Lindy becomes enveloped into finding her sister. Now, (I think) about a year later Lindy is working with the police after a chain of events that are caused by an app called “Flirtual.” Lindy has to fight through all of the destruction that this stalker is causing for her.

I enjoy this show because it is a thriller and keeps me on my toes. Episode #4 which is called “#YOLO” was extremely scary to the point that I almost didn’t want to watch anymore. However, growing up with Victoria Justice since her Victorious days, I just couldn’t help it. I think that the actors are great but Victoria Justice’s “scared” just doesn’t do it for me sometimes. However, I enjoy her take on a hacker and thinking like one in the sense of the emotional range she provides for her character, Lindy. Also, this show will make sure to remind me never to get a dating app because of my fear of what is happening in the show. A stalker finding and watching your every move…freaky.

I definitely recommend this show if you are seeking a thrill but are afraid of scary stuff. R.L. Stine scares me but this is on the tame side and I think that I can handle it. However, if this show is really going to freak me out then I may have to stop because I don’t want nightmares. Yeah, I am 22 and I am sure that I can still get nightmares. Don’t judge me. But, if you are interested you can find this on Hulu or watch it live on Mondays on MTV. Also, just realized that they ended the show after 10 episodes. I am sad because of all the shows I watch, there isn’t a thriller or mystery one that lasts for more than one episode.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Review… Eye Candy

    1. When I realized that they had cancelled the show, I was sad. However, if this helps, they do leave the show in a way that I can only hope they will bring it back. Let me know how you like this show if you watch it!

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