Style Me – Hanna Marin


Hanna on Pretty Little Liars is, by far, my favorite on the show! I love how Ashley Benson portrays her and it is really cool to see her character develop. However, am I the only person who misses her girly style? I understand her change in character, no spoilers, but I just loved her style when it was more girly because I related to it so well. So, in order to accept the new and bring the old, I am combining both styles of girly and dark edgy looks.
Graphic tees and statement pieces seem to bridge Hanna’s new attitude towards her style. Also, the jean jackets adds edge to the outfit without being something as obvious as leather.
This outfit might not work for everyone but with all the crazy outfits from Pretty Little Liars this one is rather tame. I love that this beautiful dress is combined with solid pieces so that it beings it down to a more “down-to-earth” dress rather than one that is more romantic.
Hanna is wearing a ton of neutrals and this is something that I felt she would have worn when she was going on her downhill swirl for a bit.

-The Mermaid Network

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