Word of the Month: Tartare


Tartare is something that you will see a lot on the Food Network when it comes to being on a time crunch because by definition…

  1. (of fish) served raw, typically seasoned and shaped into small cakes.
    I don’t recommend doing this with red meat other than fish because it can get really tricky since I have only ever seen it done with fish. Here is a Buzzfeed article that you can read that is super quick and help you understand tartare with do’s and don’t’s. CLICK HERE. However, looking online, there are some meat options so for everyone I am going to put a variety in case you want to try this! Also, you will need a really sharp knife for cutting tartare, otherwise it will just come out in weird strands of meat weirdly chopped chunks.
    Salmon Tartare – This one is a little longer (40 minutes) to make but it definitely is great if you are on a diet.
    Tartare de Filet de Boeuf – Like I mentioned above, I don’t recommend red meat but if you are advanced, then go for it!
    Asian Tuna Tartare – This one is a little more specific with sushi grade tuna, but you can use whatever kind of tuna you like.
    French Steak Tartare – This one has a little kick and definitely sounds good, oui oui!
    -The Mermaid Network

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