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Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I think that there is some major differences that all beauty lovers or new beauty addicts should know about Ulta and Sephora with the pros and cons. I have a membership to both for over two to three years.

Product Selection
| Ulta |
A good mix of both drugstore and high end but the drugstore brands are jacked up in price. You can find a lot of your drugstore needs at your local Walmart or Target for much cheaper and you can use coupons at both places. I think that they do have more than the average selection at Walmart or Target because they specialize in it. You need a specific Sally Hansen shade? They probably got it. I think that each section of their store, skin care, hair care, makeup, there is something for everyone. I also think that their perfume selection is great and it helps with gaining points.

| Sephora | All high end with some products that you won’t find anywhere else. I am sure that there are products at Ulta that you won’t find anywhere else but Sephora has great products like Soap and Glory. Sephora has a large selection of brushes, which is nice, but their selection otherwise is really tight. Every brand has only a small kiosk in the store and that can be limiting. Also, because mostly everything is high end you might not find it too budget friendly. However, if there is that magical high end product, you know that you will not find it anywhere else and chances are that they will have it in stock since I haven’t found too many of their items out of stock.

| Ulta | 
When you sign up for their membership you will start to get their bi-monthly to monthly catalogs that will inform you of their deals. You will also head to the very back to see how much they give you off your next purchase. You will either get $3.50 off of a $10 purchase, $5 off a $10 purchase, 20% off of your total purchase. Sometimes you can get lucky when they give away $5 off your next purchase when you have finished a purchase. The deals that Ulta has are pretty great, there was one that I had last year that I practically raved about, you can read it HERE. The clearance section is pretty good too but be wary of opened products that customers have tried. Also, Ulta will give away a free item when they have perfume sales, generally.

| Sephora | Sephora may not have coupons but they sure do have free stuff. When you sign up for their membership you will start to get postcard mail or catalogs that will have a free item that you can pick up at any Sephora in JCPenney. I have gotten small things like mirrors to shopping bags to samples.

Birthday Gifts
Ulta will give you a full sized product, which is amazing! Last year I received a Calvin Klein mascara, full sized and it was awesome. I can’t remember what it was the year before…Anyway, they have a new present every year so that it isn’t tiresome to get the same thing over and over.

| Sephora | I remember getting a sample size of a lipstick from Sephora which is kind of a let down when I get a full size product from Ulta. I think that it works out though because you get free items all year round from Sephora, which is really generous.

| Ulta | 
You earn 1 point for every $1 that you spend. If you spend $400 in a calendar year then you get be a platinum member, which I finally got to after three years and change of trying! The great thing about platinum status is that points never expire, if you are just a regular member in their ULTAmate Rewards Program then you must use your points by a certain point. Membership is free. If you would like to learn more you can go HERE. I would explain but I think that you can find all your answers there, otherwise I would just be copying and pasting into this post.

| Sephora | Unlike Ulta, this has three stages of membership that give you lots of perks but after spending more than $350 and $1000 in a calendar year. I am not sure how many points you earn because I just don’t normally keep track but I would guess it is 1 point per $1. You get to redeem deluxe samples when you reach a certain point mark. You can read more HERE.

I hope that this was helpful, even if it was long! Let me know if you have questions!

Which do you prefer, Ulta or Sephora?

-The Mermaid Network


2 thoughts on “Ulta vs. Sephora

  1. Fun comparison. I’m a member of both, but I like Sephora better. Like you said, you can find the drugstore products that Ulta carries in the drugstore and Sephora definitely has the edge with high end brands. Plus, I just like Sephora’s customer service better. Everyone is friendly and eager to help you find the right foundation shade or whatever you need. Plus, they are generous with the samples


    1. Thanks! I agree, Sephora’s service has an edge that ULTA doesn’t. I definitely feel more confident about buying foundation from Sephora too since they have the Skin I.D. option (free if you haven’t tried, all you need to do is ask them). 🙂


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