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So, I know that graduation is coming up for a lot of you and I thought that it would be really cool just to send out some food juju and also some tips to help you survive your graduation! This whole week will be dedicated to you, graduates! For this post I will be including Pinterest pics so that you can pin them if you would like!

Some tips to keep you cool in the heat:
– Don’t wear something with too many layers, with so many people it will be scorching –
– Test your shoes because there have been way too many people who tumble across the stage –
– Test out your makeup so that you won’t be sweating it off on the big day –

Outfit Ideas:
I will do my best to find affordable options so depending on the pin presented I searched for options that were in budget for most people.

~ Short and Flowy ~

I love that this dress is light and even though it has long sleeves, it has cut outs so you are able to breathe in it. Not to mention that it is short enough to hide under your gown but long enough to pass the fingertip rule.

You can purchase a similar option here:
Option #1: This one is said to be a bit see through but you can wear a nude slip to cover the pertinence.

~ Classy and Chic ~

Do you want that pop of color under your gown? I love how simple and chic this one is. The material, based on the picture, seems to be light so you will be good to go and stay nice and sweat free.

You can purchase similar options here:
Option #1: A really nice blue dress with a really cool print.
Option #2: A simpler and muted dress that still adds a pop of color without being too overwhelming.

~ Edgy and Graphic ~

Cara Delevigne kind of inspired me for this part of the post because she is edgy and loves graphic anything, really.

You can purchase similar options here:
Option #1: A really cool vintage looking scene with pleats and a geometric hem.
Option 2: Plaid is pretty cool and if it is all over can be a real statement.

What are you wearing to graduation? Or your next fancy event?

-The Mermaid Network

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