More Space in the Smallest of Spaces!

For this month’s Crafty Mermaid I am sharing with you what I like to do with all of my sleeping clothes and jeans so that space is saved and I can store more!


Rolling your shirts is a great way to stay organized! Don’t forget that you can do this with your sleeping bottoms, softer pants, and shorts, even tank tops! I have done this to all of my drawers and it has saved me so much space that I can fit my college clothes and clothes at home, in the drawers, no problem!

No pictures of my jeans since they are in a dark closet with no light, so I will just explain. When I place one jean down, I flip the next pair so that the waist of each jean is opposite of each other, this helps the jeans from becoming the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

I hope that you enjoyed this tip and that it helps you organize your clothes!

Do you have any organization hacks? Share them down below!

-The Mermaid Network

P.S. These two tips work super well when packing for a trip too!

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