Style Me – Felicity Smoak


By far, my favorite female character in a long time. I love that Felicity Smoak on Arrow, portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards, is not a geek that is not a shut in or out of place. Fun fact: My lovely laptop is named Felicity Smoak. Anyway, I ship Felicity and Oliver so much, you don’t even know! Plus, who doesn’t think that Oliver is one handsome man? Anyway, Felicity is a great character and I really appreciate that this is a great step towards television for female roles that aren’t overly sexual or ditzy.
I have noticed now more than ever that Felicity has been wearing blue and that is great and all but this dress is something I would love to see her in! I think that this is different than some of her dresses because this has a bejeweled collar and I haven’t seen her in too many collared dresses with a bold color, if any. Blue looks good on anyone and the pleated skirt is really nice too.
I am in love, love I tell you, with this ensemble. Although this is something that wouldn’t really be work appropriate apart, they work together to make a great outfit that really is stunning and I think that the shoes tie it all in.
Keyhole backs seem to be a running trend in Felicity’s wardrobe because there are times when she wears a dress and it has a peephole that is placed in an area that is sophisticated and chic at the same time. I like that this is a simple yet loud dress because it is white with an accent of color.

-The Mermaid Network

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