What to Do While Waiting For Food to Cook

Okay, who reading this is always tired of waiting for food to cook? I know that some things take longer so I thought I would share with you what I like to do when I am waiting for food to cook.


There is nothing more exciting than dancing in your kitchen alone and singing with a wooden spoon. I have not sung with a wooden spoon but I have let it all out and danced while waiting.


No more excuses now, huh? Dancing counts but if you are someone who wants to get rid of that chicken wing flub like me, you just start to exercise a little. I am not talking about getting all sweaty but I am saying simple and easy exercises that you can do while making sure your house doesn’t burn down.


Television is great but you HAVE to put a timer on your phone because you might burn the house down. I try not to watch television in case something overheats in the kitchen.


You know, it is always nice to talk to someone while cooking and if there is no one in the house you can always call a friend. Not to mention you can end the conversation on your terms because you are cooking so if you don’t like to be on the phone too long and don’t want to make it awkward, there you go, I have given you an “out”.

| READ |

As I said in the “Television” section, set a timer or limit yourself to a paragraph or page before looking at the food. Depending on how fast you read you can decide. I tend to read a page and then look at the food since I read semi-fast.

Hope that this helps!

What do you do when you are cooking?

-The Mermaid Network

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