Designing Mermaids + Car on the Side of the Road + On the Border + MORE

So, this past weekend has been rather hectic but I definitely have some pretty great experiences to share with all of you. Just so you know that this is going to be a long post!

So the busiest part of my week was the later half of it. On Thursday, April 16, I went to work and it was really hectic and busy because there was so much that we had to do for clients at my work. I work at two places, but Tuesday-Thursday, I work partly in retail filling orders and then sewing as a seamstress. Near the end of the day I was given the opportunity to design decorations on the skirts for mermaids! I may post up the sketches that I made eventually since it was so much fun! I sketched out six mermaids and then brought them in on Friday, April 17.

Friday was crunch-time because I had to spray paint the skirts and then place where I wanted the appliques to go. This doesn’t seem like it takes out a bunch of time but the skirt is two pieces, creating the shape of a fin, and since there were six skirts, that meant that I had to do twelve pieces. I got through three of the skirts by the end of the day, working from 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM. My manager asked me to come in on Saturday, April 18, to help finish designing and painting the fins. I agreed because, hello, mermaids!

Now, prior to agreeing to work, I made plans with my best friend and we were thinking about 1:00 PM to eat lunch. Unfortunately when I got into work around 10:30, I didn’t leave until 3:00 PM…yikes! My best friend agreed, though I felt really bad, that we could meet at 4:00 PM. Now, I am ten minutes away from On the Border, a tex-mex restaurant, when the road I normally take is blocked. I can’t even take the other back route because the whole road is blocked! The only route that they had open was going onto the highway in the opposite direction that I needed. I turned around and called my best friend to have her come get me. My highway experience is not the best, if any at all, so when I can avoid it I do. My best friend understands, bless her heart, and starts to head over, I didn’t know that she was already at the restaurant! I felt so bad but when she called me to tell me that her car was on the side of the road on the busy intersection the highway, I felt awful.

I call my dad, who didn’t answer, and then she called me back after calling her parents who were out of town and our mutual friend, and told me that our mutual friend would be coming to take us. I met them at a local gas station and I left my car there so that we could go save her car. I called my dad again and he told me what to do to get the car to work. I checked the oil on my best friend’s car and it was fine so I then proceeded to start the car and press the accelerator hard so that it kept the jump started charge from the battery and oil.

My best friend drove her car back to her apartment and then we went to On the Border and one of the servers asked if we were okay, he had seen us outside struggling prior. My best friend brought me a hand-painted painting that you will probably see on my Instagram soon if not already. I love that We ate deliciously made food and then went back to my best friend’s apartment to drop her off. Out mutual friend drove me back to my car and then I went back home. I will be honest and just say that I passed out on the floor because working and then the car incident was extremely exhausting! I woke up around 12:30 AM or so to just take a shower and then I slept all the way through my morning on Sunday, April 19 until 2:00 PM. I haven’t done something like that since I was in high school when I stayed up super late because I wanted. The funny thing is that my brother came into my room to check if I was alive because I was out like a light!

I hope that you all had a good weekend and it was relaxing for you! Let me know how your weekend was down below!

-The Mermaid Network

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