Glass Organization

iPhone Swifty Pics 982

Before I get into what these would be great for, are these not beautiful? I have found a bunch of amazing things that have this cracked glass effect that is either topical or molded together, it is awesome! As you can see, these are meant for the wall to be hung as decoration but what I love about concave pieces is that you can place them around your house as dishes that hold things. I think that these would be beautiful to be placed near the door where your pertinent things like keys and sunglasses are. Since these are a set of three you can have one for keys, sunglasses, and mail? Mail is generally larger but to have it at one central station is great.

You can purchase these at Bed Bath and Beyond. Here is the specific link: CLICK HERE.

How do you store your pertinent things?

-The Mermaid Network

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