Style Me – Emily Fields


Emily Fields from Pretty Little Liars is portrayed by Shay Mitchell and they are pretty different in the clothing department since Emily is more masculine and Shay is more feminine. Emily is the most kind-hearted of the four girls in the show but she sure isn’t afraid to pull out her sass when it comes to protecting her friends, she will do anything. I think that compared to any of the girls, she is a fight in a flight or fight situation and that is what is endearing about her. I will say though that Emily has had some irrational moments and I scream, “WHY?!”
This actually looks like something Emily would wear but I love that it has an edge to it because instead of flannel, which we see often, the woman in the picture is wearing a blazer with a bold print.
This is definitely something a little different but nonetheless Emily. I think that the top half with the sweater and hat are quite feminine but the shoes are really what bring this outfit down to earth and a little more masculine.
A more laid back look than the first one but this is what makes me love Emily’s style. Emily is a deconstructed beauty because she rocks the distressed look without really looking distressed.

What do you think?

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