How to Watch Yourself at a Buffet


I love a good buffet, especially when it has sushi but I know that by the end of it I am full and bloated. Recently, when I have gone, I have rationed myself to know what to eat and how much to eat because I tend to eat with my eyes. So, here are a few tips to help you with your buffet experience and to save you from having a food baby too big.

– Look Around – This mainly pertains to a buffet you have never been to before. I always look around before even putting something on my plate.

– Sample Everything – If there is a sushi bar, I will try everything, but everything else generally isn’t my cup of tea. However, if you want everything, start with one piece of each section if you want or even ask a family member/friend to split a large portion such as hibachi or noodle soup.

– Two Plate Meal – I have gotten my portion control down to two plates at a buffet because when eating at a normal restaurant, most of us end up with a plate and dessert. This pertains to just your main course and remember that you can always ask for a small portion of a friend. Wasting food because you want to try it is bad. I have seen plates of food that have been untouched and get angry because people pick up too much food.

– One Dessert Plate – Dessert, YUM! I don’t normally grab dessert but when I do it is only about half a plate, in reality. I grab some orange jello and pineapple, maybe a couple other things but I try to keep it light rather than with the baked goods.

– Enjoy With Water – Always enjoy the food and take breaks because stuffing your belly with food for thirty minutes straight can cause you to get indigestion or something. Water is your best friend when it comes to buffets because it helps you digest the food better and if you have anything like bread or sushi in your system, those will bloat so you will feel food faster.

Remember that these are suggestions and my own opinions, I am not saying you can’t splurge since you are paying $8.00+ to be eating all you can eat.

-The Mermaid Network

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