The Most Frustrating Chipotle Customer I Have Ever Seen

Before I get really into this post, I just want to say that the moral of this is that you should be grateful for what you have and appreciate what you can get out of life, even if it isn’t exactly what you wanted.

Now, I love Chipotle like most people and it is my go-to place and when I went there this past weekend…well, let’s just say that someone got mad at the simplest thing. I was there around 9:30 PM, the location I went to closes at 10 PM. It takes a while to get to the front where I could order. I ordered my food, my brother close behind getting his order. About two customers ahead there is an elderly man who is clearly frustrated that there is no guacamole. For him, his world was crashing because his wife would only accept the food if it had guacamole. No exceptions! The man had ordered a veggie bowl from Chipotle and because they were so close to closing and they were out of guacamole. He was angry because that meant he would have to pay for a bowl that is supposed to have guacamole free of charge. He told the man finishing his order that he wanted it for $5.00 instead of the $6.50 that it is usually charged.

I thought that was kind of Chipotle to comply to his needs but, no, he wanted guacamole. The man proceeded to attempt convincing the other workers and cashier to make more guacamole. The time is rolling to 9:45 and he was demanding it now. He was making a huge fuss and wasn’t even interested in the food that he just had made if it didn’t have guacamole. He kept saying that his wife was such a hard worker and that if she wanted guacamole, etc. I didn’t catch all of it but he was just trying to get them to see his side, which made no sense. I understand a hard working person deserves some good food after hard work but to demand it to hard working employees is wrong.

At this point I am sitting down with my bowl and eating it while watching the man talk to the manager who is telling him the same thing, there is no more guacamole. I am sure that if they hadn’t been so close to the end of the day that he would attempt to find a solution but they were about to close and it is a huge waste to make so much guacamole in order to appease one customer. I wanted guacamole as much as he did but I understand that Chipotle employees make only a certain amount every day. The elderly man finally gives up and leaves…without his two bowls! Can you believe it? He literally walks out without taking the good food sitting in those cardboard bowls! I was flabbergasted at what he had done because now they had to throw the food away. I am sure that if the Chipotle employees wanted to, since no one touched it, they could eat it. However, I think that most places would throw the food away.

I just can’t imagine going through all that trouble to fight for the food and even get a discount on it and then because they still wouldn’t give him what he wanted that he would just walk out with nothing. I just hope that there aren’t too many of these people out there because it makes me sad that good food is being wasted and that someone is that strict on their food that they won’t accept what they can get. Food is a necessity and a luxury and his waste is awful.

What I want to know is if you have witnessed something like this in your own life? Leave a comment down below!

-The Mermaid Network

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