Style Me – Aria Montgomery


Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars portrayed by Lucy Hale is always getting herself into trouble. I have to say this now because she is so awful at horrific situations! Aria just doesn’t seem to get that her actions have consequences and that drives me bonkers! However, her style on the show is so bold and weird that I always comment on her outfits because they can be “WTF?”
This dress not only screams Aria but it definitely has a lot of potential to push boundaries because it is black and white. I can also see this dress holding some clue to “A”.
I love that this has embellishments only at the shoulders and isn’t form fitting because it is something that Aria would wear. I think that no matter if it is some weird print or something that isn’t always considered “flattering”, you can expect Aria to wear it and making it possible to wear daily.
Okay, how many people do you know that can wear a romantic style skirt and still look good? Some people seem childish or out of place but with the edge that Aria tends to have in her clothing choices, skulls and all, this definitely qualifies.

What is your favorite Aria Montgomery outfit?

-The Mermaid Network

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