How to Get Long Lasting Beach Waves

Hello ShopaHAULics, Tiffany here and I have always wanted the “mermaid” beach waves that some people can gain from a curling iron or just naturally. I decided to put no heat in my hair and attempt not to use hairspray, I think I got it. So, here is what I do to get some really nice beach waves.

1. Spray a leave in conditioner and volume booster into your hair.
I won’t be recommending a product in this section only because I am still trying out the products. Now, what I do is remove my hair from the towel I am using and spray in my leave in conditioner and comb through it well. I then take a volume booster (you can skip this if you use a volumizing conditioner). Then, I french braid down my head about an inch or so down from the crown of the head. When your braid your hair you help your hair keep the styling of the hair longer. I realized that when I braided my hair when it was wet, the waves would stay longer, when I braided it dry it fell apart. Now, leave your hair in a braid overnight.

2. Remove your braids from the night.
You don’t want to comb through your hair with a brush, just un-braid your hair and remove any major tangles.

3. Spray a sea salt spray into your hair in place of hairspray.
I will say now that this may not work with anyone’s hair who is hard to style. My hair is fairly easy to style which is why this works for me.

The Organix Sea Salt Spray, I have found that spraying this all over generously, really helps keep the shape and makes you smell really good. I like that this doesn’t make your hair crunchy and I will probably doing a review on this in the near future about how awesome this is!

I hope that this helps some of you and if you know of another spray that makes your beachy waves last without getting crunchy, let me know!

-The Mermaid Network

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