Word of the Month: Blanching


I love that my website is, hopefully, fun and interesting for all of you but I also want it to be educational in the sense of knowing a term that someone might use in conversation…or in this case, cooking videos. I am a huge Food Network watcher and I love to watch these chefs cook but sometimes I am lost in their technique because they go so fast or say it and then don’t explain it. I think that something really fun to introduce to all of you this whole month of April is cooking terms that can open up new recipes for all of you try. I will be linking some recipes that pertain to the word of the week. I will probably doing this once a month after this one. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

  1. to scald briefly and then drain, as peaches or almonds to facilitate removal of skins, or as rice or macaroni to separate the grains or strands.
  2. to scald or parboil (meat or vegetables) so as to whiten, remove the odor, prepare for cooking by other means, etc.

Okay, so from what I have seen (I will be using green beans as an example) is that you place what you want into a boiling pot of water and keep a really cold bowl of ice water close by. Green beans go in and they heat up for a couple of minutes and then you will take them out while they are still green, toss them and the water into a colander and drain them. Almost immediately after draining you need to toss them into the ice water so that they stop cooking.

Here are three recipes that use the blanching technique:

Blanched Basil Pesto

Blanched Green Beans in Oyster Sauce

Garlic Lemon Spinach

Do you blanch your food?

-The Mermaid Network

What do you think?

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