|*| Monthly Update |*| March 2015 |*|

TMN-MonthlyUpdatesWell, March is practically over and I feel like time is passing by too quickly for me to enjoy it! I have had a crazy and hectic month filled with adventures and awards but I have to say that it is nice to relax a lot this month. I have made myself a little niche that I am really loving in my room and it is pretty sweet.

1. I have moved all of the “drink” and “meals” posts to “recipes” so that it is all in one place. I am really trying to get all of my stuff together so that it is easier to navigate and less clutter.

2. Special shout out to The Fashion Huntress for being an avid reader! I appreciate your support and it doesn’t go unnoticed!

3. I am the co-owner of an etsy store with my sister! I mentioned it a couple of days ago, you can read it here. You can also head over to The Crafty Lot on etsy and look at the items that we sell in our shop!


1. Did I tell you that lastofthemoheak followed me on Instagram late February? Crazy, right?! I just wanted to share that bit of information! Cammy, if you ever see this, hi! Okay, fangirl moment over.

2. All of The Crafty Lot social media is in the sidebar along with The Mermaid Network social media!


Welcome to all the new Fleeters! I am happy to have you join me and everyone else here!

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Everything from the normal posts to a graduation week full of posts that you can all benefit from. I will be posting them early since college graduation is earlier. I also will be sharing a yummy tikka masala that will definitely make your mouth water. Here’s to another amazing month!

-The Mermaid Network

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